24 January 2015

- how i see him; and he, me.

the new semester has hurled itself at me in full force: readings abound and my desk is littered with notes-making paraphernalia. I no longer have the luxury of whiling my days away with daydreaming and creating or molding earthenware from clay. But life is still good to me. With the pockets of time I steal from my studies, I sew small birthday gifts for lovey, scroll through art and lifestyle blogs I have followed for years or treat myself to coffee at my favourite cafe while editing photos for clients (and eavesdropping on the babble of conversations from nearby tables).

Life is still quiet; still filled with laughter and love from those I hold dear; still blessed with grace.

21 August 2013

Change of seasons

Its been three months since I last posted, and so many things have changed since then. I've made new friends, sent off one of my best friends and am going to say goodbye to yet another two next Wednesday. As I hit the keys of my laptop and watch each sentence grow letter by letter, my heart grows heavy with emotion. Part of me rejoices at having entered a new chapter of my life; at having finally begun my studies at University. The other half is leaden with dread: Dread at the waves of loneliness I know will wash over me when my best friends leave, and a little more at the effort and time I know I will have to invest in growing new friendships. Thankfully, I've got a pop-up market and several photoshoots to occupy and distract myself for the next two weeks.

For now, my driving lessons call and I will train my eyes on the road ahead.

29 April 2013

The past two months have been a whirlwind of birthday, easter and birthday parties again, and as thrilling as they were i am happy to have slipped back into the tame and humdrum activities of life once more. Days have been slow lately, punctuated here and there with cozy dinners with special friends. I sew, craft and read a little each day, sometimes gallivanting to town to pass an afternoon with myself. Here's a small collection of photos - of dear friends, family and little people.